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Get Marketing Bang For Your Buck

On average, a single SMS text message generates an ROI of $8.111, while email marketing yields an average ROI of $36.4

Send Text Blasts

Benefit from the instant connection SMS/MMS text blasts create for sales:


  • Simple Text Messages
  • Picture Text Messages
  • Dynamic Fields
  • Send Filters
  • and more!


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Send Email Blasts

Year-round email blasting has never been so affordable and keeps you top-of-mind:


  • Campaign Builder
  • Visual Design Tools
  • Template Builder
  • Send Filters
  • and more!


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Pro Assistance

Our experts will do everything and you’ll stay in the critic’s seat the whole time:


  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
  • Convenience and Ease
  • Experience to Guide You
  • Advanced Techniques
  • and more!


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Skyrocket Profit With Email Marketing And Text Marketing

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Generate Instant Sales

Leverage precision-targeted Text Blasts and Email Blasts to achieve higher response rates at a lower cost.

Explore Innovative Lead Generation Strategies

Harness the power of multimedia texts and mobile keyword text-ins, followed by strategic email blasts to foster deeper brand engagement. Let us lead the way.

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Text plus Email equals Sales

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Send Plain-Text Or Multimedia Messages

Achieve an exceptional open rate exceeding 99%, with 90% of MMS marketing messages being read within 3 minutes.2

Efficiently Capture Mobile Numbers And Email Addresses Through Opt-In Methods:

  1. Promote a customized keyword, allowing prospects to text it to your account’s Toll-Free number.
  2. Prospects receive an automated text message, optionally prompting them to reply with their email address.
  3. Once the prospect responds, their information is automatically stored in your database, triggering a follow-up email without any manual intervention.

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Seize Your Sales Moment

Tap into the preference of 66% of consumers who prioritize mobile messaging as their top communication choice.3

Promote Your Mobile Text-In Keywords To Attract Attention

Introduce a ‘VIPFLASH’ coupon for your e-commerce platform to incentivize instant purchases via text and foster recurring sales through email. Simplify your marketing efforts!

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