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One SMS text message generates an $8.11 ROI on average.1 Email Marketing generates a $36 ROI on average.4

Send Text Blasts

Benefit from the instant connection SMS/MMS text blasts create for sales:


  • Simple Text Messages
  • Picture Text Messages
  • Dynamic Fields
  • Send Filters
  • and more!


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Send Email Blasts

Year-round email blasting has never been so affordable and keeps you top-of-mind:


  • Campaign Builder
  • Visual Design Tools
  • Template Builder
  • Send Filters
  • and more!


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Pro Assistance

Our experts will do everything and you’ll stay in the critic’s seat the whole time:


  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
  • Convenience and Ease
  • Experience to Guide You
  • Advanced Techniques
  • and more!


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Launch Your Profits To The Moon With Email Marketing And Text Marketing

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Fuel Excitement With Email And Text To Drive Sales In Real-Time

Use precision targeted Text Blasts and Email Blasts to drive higher response rates for less cost.

Create New Avenues For Lead Generation

Use multimedia texts and mobile keyword text-ins, then follow-up with an email blast to create additional brand engagement. We will guide you.

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Text plus Email equals Sales

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Create Instant Sales With MMS Text Messages

The MMS Open Rate exceeds 99%. 90% of all MMS marketing messages are read within 3 minutes.2

Successfully Opt-In Mobile Numbers And Email Addresses

  1. Advertise a keyword you create, so prospects can text it to your account’s Toll-Free number.
  2. Prospects receive a text message back that can optionally include instruction to reply with their email.
  3. When the prospect replies the information is saved in your database, and you automatically send a follow-up email without lifting a finger.

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Use Texting To Create Your Sales Moment For $0.06 Or Less

66% of consumers prefer mobile messaging as their first or second choice of communication.3

Advertise Your Mobile Text-In Keywords

Offer a ‘VIPFLASH’ coupon for your e-commerce platform. Drive instant sales with text and recurring sales with email. It’s that easy!

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