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1 SMS Message Generates $8.11 ROI On Average Using Texts.1 Send Pictures, Polls, Coupons, and more!

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Create new conduits for lead generation using multimedia texts and mobile keyword text-ins, then follow-up with an email blast to create additional brand engagement. We will guide you.

MMS Picture Messages Include 500 Text Characters.

The MMS Open Rate Exceeds 99%. 90% of All MMS Marketing Messages are Read Within 3 Minutes.2

MMS texts are the perfect compliment to email blasting campaigns. Visually offer instant engagement for VIP rewards, special offers, limited time coupon discounts and more.

Create Instant Customer Interest

Create opportunities with customers, nurture prospects, and drive leads to your website using SMS/MMS and email marketing. Text ‘FREETRIAL’ to 1-844-895-6999 to reserve your free campaign, or start now.

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66% of Consumers Prefer Mobile Messaging as Their First or Second Choice of Communication.3

Advertise your mobile keyword text-in, and offer a ‘VIPFLASH’ coupon for your e-commerce platform. It’s that easy! Drive instant sales with text and recurring sales with email.

“Oh wow! It works!”

See what clients say about our user experience:

Texting into our sponsor’s promotions has changed everything for our sponsors, and make it a more valuable relationship to them. How the folks at Eblasting helped us put this together was awesome. Design help. Running the campaigns with us to start… all of it was top-notch and fun. The texting has become a cornerstone to our player engagement.

-Richard H. ✭✭✭✭✭

When we first began our house flipping business was all about referrals, but now we have added a text-in to our signs – the ones on the lawns. People drive by and text-in to us, get a picture of me and my wife back with a short text blurb, and the introduction is made. OH WOW! IT WORKS! I call their cell, and it’s like magic, they’re waiting for me to call! I cannot believe it… the easiest thing we’ve ever set up. It costs NOTHING compared to what it has done for us!

-Kelly S. ✭✭✭✭✭

At times its hard to figure out which patients want what. Eblasting solved that for us with an assortment of office signs. Each sign has a different keyword to text into, and each patient receives a specific reply based on their keyword. We have been more successful with targeted promotions, since the lists are comprised of opted-in patients asking for info. It was such an obvious change – I wish we did it sooner.

-Nicole R. ✭✭✭✭✭

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