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Advanced Logic for SMS, MMS and E-mail

Use Keywords and Online sign-up tools linked to 160-character SMS messages, and 900+ characters for MMS, or send an MMS image too!


Text credits are required for sending messages via SMS/MMS. You can always add additional text credits as needed with no commitment or consider a custom plan based on your company’s unique usage profile. Prices are based on volume and industry.

Use MMS To Send Image Promotions For Greater Impact

Images and animation allow you to say more than a brief text message, and the impact can be many times more effective than a standard SMS segment of 160 characters. Send images. Send animation. Even send video!


Quickly attach media to showcase your product, service, rewards club, new discounts, or whatever else you can think of. No matter what you send visuals make a huge impact.

E-mail Marketing Is Central To Boosting Sales

Core marketing messaging is best sent via e-mail marketing. Save time and money on printing and postage with targeted email blasting campaigns. Load professional HTML layouts with a single click, or use our visual editor to create quick custom messages.


Drive recipients to landing pages of your own, or use our system to host landing pages. Our interface makes it simple.

Consider Opens and Unopens Hot Leads

Filters allow you to send targeted messages only to contacts that meet the criteria you set. These criteria can be based on contact data, such as mobile number, or email address, or contact history, which includes voting choices, coupon redemptions, or message interactions.


We can help you layer a campaign for maximum impact.

SMS Yes/No Response Instant Action

Yes/No Response polling allows you to ask subscribers a question by directly texting a message, or by having subscribers text your mobile keyword. Subscribers will be placed in a distribution list based on their answer.


This is a simple start to generating your own metrics. This is a super way to warm up relationships.

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Feature Use Cases

Read Through Some Interesting Examples Of Usage

Blast Holiday Sales Through the Roof with Layered Marketing

Use SMS, MMS, Email Marketing, QR Codes, Polling, to connect with your customers. Send before, during, and after each holiday season. Offering limited time discounts, coupons, instant rewards, and VIP programs are great sales boosters.


Integrate keywords in your holiday-specific e-blasting campaigns for quicker sales. Commit to sending holiday eblasts monthly to build brand trust, and use texting to capture buyers who want immediate interaction. Collect user responses using up to 10 custom variables at a time, and dynamically remove or add recipients based on the values of these variables. Quickly peel hot leads from your database to capture instant sales.

Send Instant Emergency Alerts to Recipients

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us we need abilities to keep our family, friends, colleagues, and customers informed to the moment.


Text alerts and e-mail announcements can be set up in a minute using our word-processor-like interface, and quickly deployed to your entire database of contacts or sub-group created from filters your select. Filters populate with values you choose from recipient data. Now you can have one database with niche send groups based on data instead of vague or inaccurate list names. Confidently alert targeted demographic groups and get more precise with your mass messaging.

Use Keywords for Higher Coupon Redemption Rates

Text message keywords offer instant direct response like nothing we’ve seen before. Keywords are faster than direct mail, and faster than e-mail. Drive traffic with SMS and MMS to experience huge sales increases.


Using keyword opt-ins increases the likelihood of a customer transaction many times over. Place keyword marketing in your store front, in your brochure, and on your business card. Reap tremendous rewards from faster message dissemination, targeted promotions, and higher conversions. Experiment with MMS animation for even better results!

Live Field Communications and Mass Team Coordination

Our platform is perfect for keeping coordinated groups in communication. SMS, MMS, and instant email broadcasts are an efficient way to inform many small groups at once, and possibly with different messages.


We offer a simple inbox interface for quick SMS replies to help handle stressful situations. Create your communication groups for: large construction sites, school activities and boards, volunteer operations, large event staffing, group emergency messaging, etc. No matter how large a group our system makes timely communication simple. Filters can help you re-send to recipients that didn’t open a previous message. It’s powerful stuff!

Create Microtargets for Substantially Better Results

Text message marketing and email marketing help you connect the right message to the right audience. Offer recipients the contact channel they prefer. Some want text messages, while some want e-mail, and some want both.


Understanding your customer is key to success in business. Our system allows you to capture data that can be used to target message deployments to data-matching records. Import your own metadata into our custom data fields, or populate these variables with our form features or API integration. Segment your audience into smaller more targeted groups, and deploy targeted SMS, MMS, and email marketing campaigns in tandem to capture a larger total percentage of that audience.

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