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E•blast, n. 1. an Electronic Blast (e-blast) is a term used in electronic marketing to describe the act of sending a single message to a large email list simultaneously. 2. a message, an eblast, is a formatted email or text message sent by itself, as part of a drip campaign, or within a responsive campaign. 3. service providers offer senders tools to create email blasts and text blasts, send filtering to assist targeting of desired audiences, and many message deployment options. 4. business marketers utilize eblasting campaigns to connect with their demographic for less than other marketing mediums cost, to connect messaging to specific niche audiences, to strategically time message delivery in conjunction within a larger marketing campaign, and drive instant engagement via opt-in promotions. 5. email blasts can be text-only, rich-text or HTML in fixed-size or responsive formats. 6. text blasts can be text-only or multimedia content with text. 7. regardless of email or text, recipients must always be enabled to opt-out of any marketing.

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