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E•blast•ing, v. 1. the act of creating an electronic marketing campaign comprised of preplanned messaging transmitted via email blast or text blast or both. 2. the value in electronic marketing is found in reduced prospect and client communication costs. 3. campaigns can be in the form of: interval timed eblasts, predefined drip campaigns, and responsive campaigns based on recipient interaction with campaign messages. 4. many types of eblasting campaigns are interactive, and meant to offer the recipient additional information on a requested subject, service, product or emergency alert via opt-in. 5. campaigns are used to promote: holiday offers, new products, new services, upsell opportunities, participation in special rewards programs, QR codes, newsletters, information announcements, emergency alerts and more. 6. it is important to continually track the results of eblasting email marketing and text marketing campaign efforts to improve results and avoid sending to recipient message applications that reject or flag messaging as junk and spam.

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