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Email Blast

(iˈmeɪl blæst)

E•mail Blast, n. 1. are commercial electronic mail messages created using more traditional coded layouts based on tables and inline CSS over divs and referenced style sheets, and sent via 3rd party providers called ESPs (Email Service Providers) to opt-ed in recipients. 2. the art to a quality email blast is to make your coded design appear similar across email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and similar platforms. 3. some form of metrics are typically collected from sends to help senders target niche audiences within a larger list. 4. it is recommended to send one message per month to each recipient to ensure quality engagement and keep contact lists fresh. 5. senders must provide reliable opt-out mechanisms to recipients. 6. are effectively used as part of drip campaigns responsive campaigns in conjunction with a form of text marketing too. 7. countries have different laws that govern sending email-based mass messaging, and every sender should be thoroughly familiar with what restrictions exist in each locale (CAN-SPAM Act).

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