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Email Marketing

(iˈmeɪl ˈmɑrkətɪŋ)

E•mail Mark•et•ing, n. 1. is one or more email blast marketing campaigns purposely crafted to engage recipients on email enabled devices with very specific messaging. 2. email blasting can be a business’ only marketing effort, or executed as part of a much larger multichannel marketing campaign to keep leads and customers interested in products and services. 3. an effective and efficient delivery method of: holiday offers, new products, new services, sharing upsell opportunities, offering participation in special rewards programs, sharing QR codes, newsletters, information announcements, emergency alerts and more. 4. filtering and targeting demographics within a larger list is key to successful email marketing strategies. 5. campaigns can be in the form of drip campaigns and responsive campaigns. 6. makes for a great co-campaign with text marketing. 7. countries have different laws that govern sending email-based mass messaging, and every sender should be thoroughly familiar with what restrictions exist in each locale (CAN-SPAM Act).

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