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MMS Text Blast

(ɛm-ɛm-ɛs tɛkst blæst)

M•M•S Text Blast, n. 1. multimedia text messages that allow for the transmission of images, animation or video, along with a maximum of 500 characters of text. 2. the image dimensions, image resolution, file size, the length of animation or video, are all key factors that play a role in blocked delivery of MMS texts to telecom providers. 3. text message senders can customize each message with dynamic text stored in a contact database, or even engage with recipients by asking questions and using auto responders for customized replies. 4. multimedia text blasts are a more effective attention grabbing mechanism than SMS Text Blasts, but SMS offer less cost per message for cost-effective responsive campaigns. 5. all text blast senders must be verified by the industry’s US Toll-Free Aggregator. 6. countries have different laws that govern mass texting, and every sender should be thoroughly familiar with what restrictions exist in each locale (TCPA).

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